OK, so the title sounds a bit bonkers but we’re taking things seriously here. If you don’t want to suffer with the same miserable winter blues that you had last year, you’re going to need to take matters into your own hands.

You would be surprised at how much difference the smallest of changes could make to your life when you have seasonal affective disorder. You would also be surprised at how easy the SAD treatments actually are to put into practice.

Don’t believe us? Let’s take a closer look…

Now, we’ll start big and work out way down…One of the easiest ways that you can help yourself deal with seasonal affective disorder is to have bigger windows in your house. When you have big windows, lots of natural daylight is being let in and when that little bit of sunlight creeps through, you are getting a vitamin D boost. The vitamin D helps your body to run properly. That little bit of sunlight will help your brain produce chemicals to make you feel brighter, happier and more alert.

It would be nice if it was always that simple, right?

You might not be able to afford bigger windows in your house right now, but that’s not to say that there aren’t other changes you could make. Those black-out blinds and curtains you have in your living room, for example; why not get rid of those? Replace them with thinner, muslin-type drapes or remove them in the darker months of the year, and let more natural daylight enter your home!

Open your windows, let in some fresh air, let the sounds of the birds tweeting fill you with glee and joy in the morning…It sounds like something out of a kids Disney movie but you’ll be amazed at what a job it can do. Bird sounds are relaxing, and we’ve already shown that music and noise therapy is a great help when it comes to treating seasonal affective disorder. The birds even tweet in the winter too…It might be cold outside but that’s not to say you can’t open your windows for ten minutes to let some ‘outside ’in.

As much as it might be lovely relax on the couch in the colder, winter months with the lights dimmed and the TV on, the darker lights probably aren’t doing anything to ease your mood. Get yourself a few brighter, energy-saving lightbulbs and your home will make you much happier. Firstly, the lamps get brighter over time, giving your head and your eyes a chance to warm to the brightness of it all (just like a dawn simulator) and secondly, brighter light bulbs will leave you in a much brighter mood.

You’ll be amazed too by how much a colour change or two will help you when you have the winter blues. Colour has been shown for years to have a massive impact on mood. Red cars, for example, are said to indicate the angriest of drivers, but in the right situation can also be the go-sign for passion. Picking the right colours in your home could make the world of difference to how well you get through next winter. Choose bright and light colours: bright colour improve your mood directly and light colours reflect the sunlight giving you the much needed light to fight off the winter blues.