[vc_column_text] Interested in finding out how you can chase away your winter blues? Read below for tips you can instantly implement to help cure Seasonal Affective Disorder. There are lots of things you can do and this is by no means an exhaustive list. In fact, we will continue to update this page and add further tips. The items below are in no particular order, so you can just browse through them at your leisure. Some of the tips below are easier to implement, some harder. For some you will see immediate results, for others you would need to wait some time until the positive effects kick in. Some will cost you money, but most, like putting a smile on your face will come for free. Browse through the list and do whatever feels right for you at this moment. Take action now!

  1. Take a walk outside
  2. Smile
  3. Buy a light box
  4. Practice yoga
  5. Wear bright colours
  6. Spend time with friends and family
  7. Get a massage
  8. Spend time with positive people
  9. Listen to happy and energizing music
  10. Take a relaxing bath
  11. Plan a vacation
  12. Avoid too many carbs and sugars as putting on weight may lower your mood
  13. Rent a light box if you’re not sure light therapy is right for you and don’t want to invest just yet
  14. Redecorate your home
  15. Sit near windows to get more light
  16. Find a new hobby
  17. Keep a mood journal
  18. Spend time with your pets
  19. Talk to your doctor
  20. Meditate
  21. Get plenty of sleep
  22. Go on a vacation to someplace sunny
  23. Use an aromatherapy diffuser to diffuse energizing and uplifting oils in your room
  24. Stock up on Omega-3′s.
  25. Find a support group for people living with mood disorder
  26. Buy a few plants
  27. Drink more often to stay hydrated
  28. Re-arrange furniture so you’re facing toward bright windows
  29. Avoid caffeine, alcohol and other stimulants
  30. Watch a funny movie
  31. Keep a food journal to see which foods make you sad and sluggish
  32. Love yourself
  33. Eat foods rich in Vitamin D
  34. Accept that your energy levels are lower than in summer
  35. Go on a skiing holiday
  36. Find something to look forward to
  37. Think positive
  38. Supplement your diet with vitamins
  39. Equip your home with lots of lights
  40. Use the stairs instead of the elevator
  41. Sit next to a roaring fire

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