As if you guys need any more excuse to get frisky between the sheets, right? Well, now the medical professionals are saying its a good idea too, especially if you have a tendency to suffer with SAD or the winter blues. Autumn is coming too – the nights are getting darker, the temperature has definitely gone down and well all suffering with bit of Autumn depression.

The good news is that sex is literally the answer to all of your cold-weather problems!

1 – Sex helps your immune system!

It has been proven in studies that sexually active people get sick less often than those that dont enjoy sex that often. The feel good endorphins do some crazy things to your body, and just one of the many benefits is that they increase the fighter cells in your body so you are more likely to ward off the germs.

Youll find yourself in a much more cheerful disposition when you arent getting sick every five minutes!

2 – Sex helps lower your blood pressure!

Again, more studies have shown that those having sex more often will have a lower blood pressure than those that dont. When your blood pressure is lower, you will be stressed out and anxious less often, and its much harder to be depressed when youre having great sex!

3 – Sex helps you sleep!

If youre finding it hard to fall asleep at night, and even harder to wake up in the morning, you need to have bit of nookie before bed. After you have come to climax, prolactin is released and this is a type of hormone that encourages you to naturally fall asleep. Its also a hormone that will help you to feel more relaxed when you are stressed out. The moral of the story – if youre having a hard time, have a good bonk!

4 – Sex helps you feel less anxious!

Anxiety and that damned Autumn depression come hand in hand sadly, and if you are feeling a tad antsy, you should head in between the sheets.

When you are intimate and close to your partner, your body is relaxed and comforted with all those crazy hormones working their magic. Touching, hugging, kissing – they all release that feel-good hormone that stops you feeling as anxious as you were before.

5 – Sex makes you happy!

Who doesnt love sex? And lets be honest about this – who doesnt feel good after sex with a partner or loved one that you are comfortable with? Its really hard to be in a bad mood when youve had some afternoon delight, and sometimes thats really all it takes – a little bit of passion from time to time when things are getting a little rough. A little bit of intimacy to know that youre not battling it all by yourself. After all, a problem shared is a problem halved, right?

So what are you waiting for? Grab your special someone and get between the sheets. It might just be the smartest thing you do today!

Photo credits: Timothy Marsee