If youre having a hard time with the winter blues, or just in general, there is something completely natural that can help. It doesnt matter whether you are stressed out after too many hours at work or because you had another fight with your boyfriend, or if youre tired because youve had a rough day looking after the kids, or even if youre having body issues because you think youve put some weight on and have a few more wobbly bits. The one thing that can help you is this


The sense of smell is a very powerful one. After all, how many of you have smelt that particular brand of cologne and instantly been taken back five years to that one guy that you couldnt quite get over? The same goes for guys too. One smell has the power to transform you to a completely different place so it would make sense that you would use it to help manipulate your mood.

I want to feel RELAXED

Frankincense is a good essential oil to use for aromatherapy to help with depression, stress or the winter blues. It has a really good calming effect on the body and mind and when you add a few drops to your evening bath, you can help to find inner peace while at the same time giving your respiratory tract a boost in the right direction too. Its like killing two birds with one stone!

If you dont have frankincense to hand, there are a few other essential oils you can use to help boost your mood such as neroli (good for relaxation), yarrow, juniper (helps to boost your spirits), and even chamomile.

I want to feel UPBEAT

There are a few really good smells if you want to get your mind and body kickstarted in the right way before you start off your busy day. You cant feel unhappy or miserable when you have a positive attitude, and scents like grapefruit, rosemary, peppermint, and basil are great for this. There have even been links between grapefruit and weight loss which may end up proving to be another added bonus!

I want to feel POSITIVE

If youre just having a rough day and are finding it difficult to find a reason to go to bed and do it all over again, try using a lemon scented shower gel, or use essential oils such as geranium, patchouli, orange, rose, and even bergamot. Citrus scented perfumes are a really good choice for throughout the day too! Jean Paul Gaultier does a lovely upbeat perfume called Madame that smells of oranges and whenever you wear it, you cant help but feel good about the day!

I want to feel FOCUSED

If youre finding that you are having a hard time concentrating when you are suffering with the winter blues, there are a few helping hands that you can rely on. Scientific studies have actually proven that peppermint can help with focus, drive and creativity, and fennel is another great one to try too. Why not have some fennel tea to help things along?

Thyme, basil, cinnamon, cypress, lavender and even ginger are all great to try too!

Modes of application

There are plenty of aromatherapy options to try when you need a hand boosting your mood. Candles, for example, are a great way to help set the mood late in the evening when you get into the bath. You might even want to consider a scented candle in your bedroomJust make sure that you blow it out BEFORE you get sleepy.

You can get room sprays that smell of the appropriate mood-boosting scent, and shampoos, shower gels, perfumes, linen sprays, and even room diffusers can all give you a step in the right direction.

A massage using scented oils and lotions is also a great options to relax and boost your mood.

Why not get experimenting to see what new smells you love in your home, and also how well the scents help to soothe your winter blues.