Pregnancy can really take it out of you at the best of times so when you combine pregnancy with the cold, harsh winter months, you have several months of misery set out in front of you. Those winter blues can be debilitating at any time but during pregnancy, it is especially important that you seek medical advice.

Everything just seems so much drearier when it’s cold outside. Those credit card bills wouldn’t normally bother you, and those builders down the road wouldn’t normally seem so loud in your head. When you pile on the Christmas gifts that you need to buy, and the fact that you still have New Year and probably three more months of cold, snow, wind, and rain to come, it can seem so overwhelming.

If you’re worried about the winter blues during pregnancy, there are a few things that you can try your hand to make life easier on yourself. It could be the simplest of changes that make the world of difference and we know which we’d prefer out of ‘grump’ first thing in the morning or ‘little ray of sunshine’!

Tip One: Get outside!

You know those cold, steely winter days when the sun is shining yet its still freezing outside? Make use of them. Go for a walk. Put on those boots that you bought last year and never got around to wearing. Throw a scarf on. Actually wear those winter hats you keep buying. Rock those gloves. Walk the dog or just go for a walk. Get some fresh air in your lungs and some vitamin D in your system.

Your body will thank you for it!

Tip Two: Exercise!

Exercise is important and you definitely shouldn’t forget about it during pregnancy. The smallest bit of exercise could work wonders for the hormone production in your body, and when those feel-good endorphins start whizzing around your body, you’ll soon start to notice the difference.

As much as it is hard work and a struggle to fit into your day to day regime, exercise DOES make you feel good. Even if it is something as simple as going for a walk, or even going swimming, make sure that you’re getting enough exercise. It’s the most underestimated treatment for stress, anxiety, depression and the winter blues out there!

Tip Three: Listen to music!

Make a playlist of your favourite music. We’ve already taken a closer look as to how music can help to out you in a better mood, so why not use it when you are battling those winter blues?

Music can be very therapeutic at the times where you may need it the most. When you are feeling sad or depressed, a chirpier song could lift your black spirits instantly. When you are feeling stressed or anxious, the right soulful ballad could be just the trick when it comes to snapping you out of it. You’ll be amazed at the power of music, so why not start putting it to good use?

Tip Four: Make some play-time!

When was the last time that you did the things that you love the most? When was the last time you made a new quilt, knitted tiny booties, or worked on those handmade birthday cards that everyone raves about? What do you love to do in your spare time?

When you make time to do what you love, you feel better. It’s as simple as that. It’s much easier to do something that you have enjoyment in, and you might find that you’ll be more motivated to do things with this one step of boredom-busting.